Terrible Tudors taking over

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It may not be the newest cocktail bar - in fact it is right at the other end of the historical spectrum - but is still a gem in the city’s offering.

The Royal Armouries Museum Leeds is one of three sites in England which houses a major part of the national collection of arms and armour and over the weekend marks one of the most important periods of British history.

The death of King Henry VIII, 470 years ago, created a tense and dangerous time in England’s history with wars in Scotland and France, insurrection at home, a boy king, and a succession of courtiers battling for power.

There will be a number of fight demonstrations on display over the weekend, historical music and family activities.

On display will be a number of significant objects from the Tudor period including the Foot Combat and Tonlet Armours of a young King Henry VIII, the famous Horned Helmet gifted to Henry by Emperor Maximillian I, and the elaborate armours of Queen Elizabeth I’s courtiers.

Mark Jackson, events manager, said: “The founding of the Royal Armouries collection dates from the reign of Elizabeth I in the 16th-century and the Tudor items we have on display are remarkable.”