‘Tell a mate’ about Leeds’ mental health advice website

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From worries about friends or family to information on how to cope or where to get help, it has been a groundbreaking resource when it comes to mental health in Leeds.

MindWell, launched in 2016, is a dedicated Leeds website offering advice, self-help tools and support for adults about mental health issues.

Leeds Council chief executive Tom Riordan. Picture Tony Johnson.

Leeds Council chief executive Tom Riordan. Picture Tony Johnson.

Today, as part of the YEP’s #SpeakYourMind campaign, city leaders have backed a call to get more people plugged into the online resource to mark Mental Health Awareness Week.

Developed by the NHS, and facilitated by mHabitat, MindWell has had more than 50,000 visits since it first went live in October 2016.

The team behind the website is now urging people to “tell a mate about MindWell” to raise awareness of the website.

Tom Riordan, Leeds City Council’s chief executive, said it was a “fantastic” tool for residents in Leeds to have at their fingertips.

“Any of us can experience a problem with our mental health, with many different issues influencing how well we feel,” he told the Yorkshire Evening Post.

“Things like relationship problems, bereavement, stress at work or worrying about debt are just a few examples.

“It’s fantastic for Leeds to have a brilliant online tool to help connect people with the right information.

“If you have a mate who is struggling or doesn’t know where to look for information, it’s important to tell them about MindWell and you don’t need to have spoken to someone or have had a diagnosis to start using it.”

MindWell provides quick and easy access to up-to-date information for people aged over 16 years old in Leeds. It offers advice from GPs, employers and other professionals and aims to help users access clear information about support available in the city.

There are also a series of self-help resources showcased on the site, to help people understand and manage common issues like anxiety, low moods and stress, as well as signposting help for what to do in a crisis or mental 
health emergency.

Alicia Ridout, deputy director of mHabitat which helped develop the website with the NHS, said it was blazing a trail for other cities when it comes to mental 
health information. She said: “MindWell is now leading the way in showing how creative 
use of digital technology can make it easier for people to find the right mental health support and information when they need it.”

People can follow MindWell’s “tell a mate” awareness campaign on Twitter, through the hashtag 

For advice, support, or self-help tips from MindWell, visit www.mindwell-leeds.org.uk

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