Teenager sold drugs at Leeds Festival to pay off debt


A Teenager who was caught selling drugs at Leeds Festival has been given a suspended jail sentence.

Aaron Ryan, 19, was searched by security staff at the event at Bramham Park on August 29 last year after they spotted him handling a large amount of cash.

Leeds Crown Court heard Ryan was in possession of £1,186 and a bag which contained different illegal drugs.

Ryan immediately admitted to the security staff that he had been selling drugs as he need money or he would be killed.

Ryan was handed over to police officers who searched his bag and found cocaine, ecstasy tablets, ketamine and cannabis. The total street value of the drugs seized was £552.

His mobile phone was found to contain messages he had sent to people stating that he was at the festival and had drugs for sale.

Duncan Ritchie, prosecuting, said: “The Crown would submit that this defendant’s role was a significant one because it involved the defendant making a financial gain.” Ryan, of, Stanley Road, Huddersfield, pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine, ecstasy, cannabis and ketamine with intent to supply.

Mark Brookes, mitigating, said Ryan had agreed to sell drugs at the festival as he had built up a £2,000 drug debt after threats had been made to Ryan and his family.

Mr Brookes added: “This is a young man who is now trying to put this behind him.”

Ryan was given a two year sentence in a Young Offenders Institution, suspended for 18 months, and ordered to do 200 hours unpaid work.

Judge Mushtaq Khokhar told Ryan: “I hope that you have learned you lesson because, otherwise, if you haven’t and commit similar offences you will be sent to custody.”

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