Technology feeding new wave of Leeds diners

Bundobust, Deliveroo and Jonathan Phillips of Humpit in Leeds are transforming the way people eat in the city.
Bundobust, Deliveroo and Jonathan Phillips of Humpit in Leeds are transforming the way people eat in the city.
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Think of a takeaway treat delivered to your door and it usually consists of something deep-fried and caked in cheese and curry sauce from the local booty call pizza shop after a boozy night out.

Well this is no more as food trends in Leeds continue to adapt and change faster than you can order egg fried rice.



More and more sit in quality restaurants are joining the takeaway train thanks to technology developments in the food and drink industry.

Deliveroo bikes are a familiar site zipping about the city centre, UberEats have launched in Leeds doing breakfast and late night deliveries and JustEat is another app which allows you to order pretty much whatever tempts the tastebuds to your front door and the technology sorts out where it is coming from with thousands and thousands of eateries on the database.

Otto Laghzaoui, Head of Community Management, at Deliveroo says: “At Deliveroo we’re really excited to help the restaurant community grow their businesses through technology”.

And it is the growth of this community which is forming the basis of the next evening of debate with the Independent Food and Drink Academy’s third industry forum of the year, which is entitled, “Tech Disruption, Data to Delivery” and takes place on Tuesday.

Industry expert Thom Hetherington, who is working with the IFDA after being intrigued by the Leeds food and drink scene, has put together the session which will focus on how technology has revolutionised and impacted the food and drink sector. He will also discuss how important it is that entrepreneurs understand what tech can do for business and are they best placed to adapt and to benefit.

In Leeds there is already quite a menu of eateries that have signed up to Deliveroo and the like and, like City Buzz you might be surprised to learn which businesses are on there.

Far beyond a back street pizza place or a greasy Chinese take-away you will find Bundobust, a city favourite and one that is already thriving too with plans for expansion underway, and some of the other upcoming independents.

Humpit, a hummus and pita bar in The Corn Exchange has been serving up healthier food to people miles away for the last couple of years.

Jonathan Phillips said: “We got into it when it first came to Leeds but it took a while to become quite popular. Deliveroo works on a percentage rather than a fixed price so if you don’t get the order, you don’t pay for it.”

Humpit only opens during the day so doesn’t get the volume of orders others do but he added those three tickets a day are still extra sales and the app is making the business more accessible to people who don’t come to Leeds.

Nick Julian from Primo’s added: “I started running a restaurant ten years ago and there was something similar but it did not work for them, even just ten years ago the internet was not what it is.

“People are busy but want quality food and the convenience of restaurant type food in the comfort of their own home.

“The way I look at it I don’t have to pay any more rent or rates or any more staff and on busy days Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays we only have so many chairs and tables so if we can add to the business by some one taking away then why not?


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