Teacher "selling" tattoo space on feet to strangers for charity

The granddaughter of a former Wheatfields cancer patient is putting her best step forward to raise money for the Headingley hospice.

She is "selling" space on her feet to have the names of total strangers tattooed on them to raise money to show her gratitude for the care which the hospice gave to her grandfather when she was ill.

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Faye Walker, who originally lived in the Beeston area of Leeds, first came up with the idea following the death of her grandfather in November.

After texting round a few friends the idea took off in a way she could never have imagined, and she soon had one stranger offering 200 to have his nickname tattooed on her foot.

And others are coming forward in a steady stream to become attached in script to the feet of the trainee primary teacher.

So far she has received enough sponsors to fill the sole of one foot –

25 names in total – but is aiming to have enough people signed up to eventually fill both feet.

Some spaces have been saved for friends who supported her through the recent death of her grandfather with all others spots going to the highest bidder.

Following the surprise 200 bid, Faye has now reached her original target of 500, enough to pay for the weekly cost of the wages for one nurse, and is hoping to have raised over 1,000 once both feet are filled.

The self-confessed tattoo lover already boasts 14 pieces of body art to her name, but even she is unprepared for these next 50, all of which are to decorate the soles of her feet.

Faye said: "All of my tattoos are very discrete so I wanted these to be in a discrete place too. The soles of your feet are where all of your nerve endings are though so I'm quite scared about the pain.

"I keep trying to prepare by testing a pin on them but I just keep pulling away automatically. I also worry about the tickling."

Faye, who now lives in Flint in the north of Wales, explained her decision, saying: "Wheatfields were fantastic with my grandad and family, and so I wanted to do something to help the next poor person who has to go through there.

"I can't do the Race for Life like most normal people because I've got asthma and my health's not 100 per cent so I thought I'd do something a bit crazy instead!"

When she contacted the Sue Ryder Hospice to let them know what she was doing, fundraiser Joseph Bland said he was in complete shock.

"My colleagues and I can't think of anything like this ever having been done before. I think it's crazy but such a brilliant thing to be raising so much money in such an unusual way."

Readers can bid to have their own names tattooed on Faye's feet by calling 07824601701, or by searching for her page at www.justgiving.com. Simple donations are also welcome


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