Taxi driver on trial over the death of 91-year-old Leeds woman

DENIES CHARGE: Jamil Khan at Leeds Crown Court.
DENIES CHARGE: Jamil Khan at Leeds Crown Court.
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A taxi driver fatally injured a 91-year-old woman after knocking her down at a busy pedestrian crossing in Leeds city centre, a jury heard.

Shortly after the collision, Jamil Khan is alleged to have told a witness that she ‘should have looked where she was going’.

A court heard Florence Tebbutt, from Cookridge, died 11 days after the incident which took place on Merrion Street around 2pm on June 3 last year.

Khan, 38, of Dorest Avenue, Harehills is on trial at Leeds Crown Court where he denies causing death by careless driving.

Simon Batiste, prosecuting, said Miss Tebbutt was an active and independent lady despite her age and had gone into the city centre to do some shopping.

She had left the Merrion Centre and was crossing the road to go into the St John’s Centre when she was struck by Khan’s BMW.

The prosecutor said Miss Tebbutt joined others on the busy crossing but had not reached the other side when the green pedestrian signal had gone out.

She was around three metres from the pavement when she was struck by Khan’s vehicle and thrown into the air before striking the bonnet.

Miss Tebbutt was taken to hospital suffering from a fractured rib and injuries to her kidneys.

She appeared to be making a full recovery but suffered a heart attack and died on June 14.

Mr Batiste said a woman suggested to Khan after the collision that he should have been looking at the road.

He added: “He replied that he was looking at the lights.

“The prosecution say that this indicative that the 
defendant was not paying attention to the road before he set off.”

Mr Batiste said air fresheners hanging from his rear view mirror may also have obstructed his view.

Another witness, Carol Sanderson, told the court she said to Khan: “You stupid idiot, you did that on purpose. You could have stopped.”

Mrs Sanderson said Khan replied: “The lights were on green.

“She should have looked where she was ....... going.”

She added that she was “disgusted” by the comment.

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