Take me to Church – new scene

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The leeds music scene is about to be hit with something it hasn’t seen for years.

While many venues cater to the market for fancy cocktails and shiny bars - this latest offering is quite literally going ‘Back To Basics’.

After the pervious home for one of the UK’s longest standing club nights fell through and other deals failed, promoter Dave Beer teamed up with Aaron Mellor (Tokyo Industries) and Peter Hook (New Order), who together own Manchester’s Factory Records and The Haçienda.

They are converting a chapel on Woodhouse Lane into a 500 capacity venue which is launching later this month and doubling as a music venue and street food emporium throughout the week.

The organisers say it will be a club by the people, for the people, offering a core group of members, called The Brotherhood, perks like discounted entry, their name on the wall and inclusion in club meetings.

Dave said: “English clubbing has become substandard with everywhere being the same. There’s no individuality.

“Once you’re through the hallowed doors, you’ll be somewhere otherworldly Expect the unexpected.” See more in a future City Buzz.