Tagged burglar caught after raid on Leeds home

Daniel Rennison (left) and Steffan Jackson (right).
Daniel Rennison (left) and Steffan Jackson (right).
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TWO burglars who forced their way into a family home during the night in order to steal their car have been returned to prison.

A court heard Daniel Rennison and Steffan Jackson forced the window of a house on Longroyd Avenue, Beeston, in the early hours of June 15 this year before taking keys to a Vauxhall parked out outside.

The pair were spotted by police as they drove off in the vehicle but officers had to abandon the pursuit because it was being driven so dangerously through the centre of Leeds.

Other motorists were forced to take evasive action as the vehicle sped through red lights and went the wrong way along a slip road to join York Road.


Rennison was linked to the offence as he had recently been released from prison on licence and was wearing an electronically monitored tag on his leg at the time of the incident.

The tag showed that he had been at the property at the time of the burglary and had been travelling along the roads where the stolen car had been driven during the pursuit.

Jackson was linked to the offence from shoe prints found at the scene of the burglary.

James Weekes, prosecuting, said Rennison had also been the driver of a stolen Fiat Punto which had been involved in a similar police chase on May 11.

Rennison, 22, of Cemetery Road, Beeston, pleaded guilty to burglary and aggravated vehicle taking. Jackson, 20, of Harley Walk, Swinnow, pleaded guilty to burglary. He asked the court to take two further burglary offences and two thefts to be taken into consideration.

Both men have lengthy criminal records and are “third strike” burglars.

Recorder Tony Hawks sentenced them both to two years, four months.

He told them: “Burgling peoples’ houses is a pernicious offence. They are serious offences and they cause people a lot of psychological harm. The two of you do not seem to have worked that out yet.

“What you were doing, Rennison, when you had a tag on your leg so that police knew exactly where you were, illustrates to me that you are either contemptuous of authority or you are just a complete fool.”

Det Insp Neil Thompson, of Leeds District Neighbourhood Crime Team, said: “Rennison and Jackson are prolific burglars whose offending has impacted on the lives of a significant number of people over the years. They have also shown a complete disregard for people’s safety by driving dangerously to escape the police.

“Their imprisonment is excellent news for our communities as if they had remained at large I am certain they would be continuing to commit offences.

“Tackling burglary remains a top priority for the police in Leeds and we will continue to use all available tactics to target offenders like Rennison and Jackson who think they can commit crime without facing the consequences.”