Tackling scourge of empty homes in Leeds

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A SOCIAL enterprise is continuing a drive to bring some of the 4,725 empty homes across Leeds back into use and cut the number of eyesore derelict properties blighting the city’s streets.

The Leeds Empties project has renewed an appeal for owners of empty homes to get in touch for free help to get their properties lived in and help rid the city of the problems empty properties cause in communities.

We want more empty home owners to get in touch with us.

the Leeds-City Council funded project, which has helped bring 60 empty homes back into use over the past year and is currently working on a further 66 cases, is currently targeting Horsforth area.

Leeds Empties has identified 124 empty homes which have been vacant for six months or more in the LS18 area. The project is writing to owners of empty properties to offer free help.

Gill Coupland, co-director of Leeds Empties, said: “Houses become empty for many different reasons and each one has a complex story behind it.

“We come across everything from people who have inherited a home and are struggling to cope with their bereavement to properties that have been vandalised, squatted in and even used as a cannabis farm.

“What our empty homes service is really good at is working with the owner to try and understand what they would like to do with the house and then breaking that journey down into manageable steps. It’s a very supportive service which can involve working closely with the owner through each stage over a number of months. We want more empty home owners to get in touch with us. Whatever the reason for the home being empty, we are confident we will be able to help. Go to www.leedsempties.org.uk or call 0113 2009383.