Survey reveals ‘could do better’ picture of Leeds’s health

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A survey backed by the Yorkshire Evening Post has revealed a worrying but also hopeful picture of the health habits of people in Leeds.

The One You Leeds survey showed there are positive attitudes to smoking and exercise, but more needs to be done to prevent significant numbers of people suffering unnecessary ill health in later life.

The study showed the city is moving more, with half of respondents beating the national recommended guideline for exercise by doing more than 30 minutes of exercise per day.

It also found weight management is top priority for residents, with more than half of respondents trying to manage their weight.

This chimes in with national statistics saying 56 per cent of people are undertaking exercise and over 60 per cent were classified as obese.

Despite the increase in popularity for cooking sparked by the likes of The Great British Bake Off and Masterchef, junk food is still a tea time favourite, with two in five residents spending up to £20 per week on takeaway food.

But the survey of 240 people also found that more than half of Leeds respondents are smoke free and one in five have quit smoking in the past three years.

The study follows the launch of a new support service, provided by Reed Momenta,which has been commissioned by Leeds City Council following a comprehensive health needs assessment of the city.

It provides an easy-to-access option for residents to address a range of lifestyle issues. People can get personalised support in planning a healthier lifestyle, and access smoking cessation support, adult weight management services, physical exercise activities, healthy eating support and cooking skills classes.

Speaking about the survey findings, Sally-Ann O’Connor, Health and Wellbeing Manager at Reed Momenta, said: “The survey results show that a healthier lifestyle is continuing to become more important to the residents of Leeds, with more people quitting smoking and doing more exercise.

“The results we have seen echo official health data and also show there is still work to be done and services like One You Leeds go a long way in helping people make healthier lifestyle choices to enjoy a better-quality life.”

To access the One You Leeds service and find out more about the programmes available, visit or call 0800 169 4219.