‘Superhero’ Eve’s challenge to fund friend’s treatment

Charlotte Watson, 7, with Eve Williams, 9.
Charlotte Watson, 7, with Eve Williams, 9.
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Little Eve Williams’s life has been completely transformed following pioneering surgery to help her walk.

The nine-year-old, who was born with quadriplegic cerebral palsy, underwent a gruelling operation in America to help her take her first steps.

And now, two years after her op, Eve has tackled a mini-triathlon to raise money towards a friend’s medical treatment.

Charlotte Wormald, who lives near Eve in Menston, has travelled to the Czech Republic up to three times a year since she was eight-months-old for special therapy.

Charlotte, seven, has hypotonic cerebral palsy which means all her four limbs are floppy. Her family are fundraising for the treatment which costs thousands of pounds.

Eve recently walked 50 metres with her special tripod sticks, completed a 200 metre swim and cycled two miles to raise more than £2,000 for her friend.

Proud father David Williams said: “Eve is just so proud of herself.

“We thought the triathlon would only raise a few hundred pounds but the reaction has been overwhelming.

“Before Eve had her operation even to get her in a walking frame was a dream but now she has gone beyond that.

“She has made great progress and is now mostly independent on her tripod sticks around the house and uses a walking frame outside.

“Considering she was mostly in a wheelchair before her surgery it has been completely life changing.

“We decided that we wanted to do something to help Charlotte who lives in the same village as us.”

Charlotte’s family hope that her intense treatment will help to strengthen her muscles to allow her to eventually have the same operation as Eve.

She is due to travel to the Czech Republic in a matter of weeks for her next round of physiotherapy.

Her mum Radka Wormald said: “Eve is our superhero and it was amazing that she managed to do this challenge to help Charlotte.

“This will help to pay for one of Charlotte’s treatments and they are just so beneficial to her.

“We hope that if she can get stronger than she could have the same operation as Eve.

“It is touching that Eve went through such hard work to help us and it just means the world to us to be able to help our daughter.”

* To donate to Eve’s challenge visit www.justgiving.com/Evestri or www.charlottewormald.com.

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