Students more likely to get exam cash incentives

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Students are almost three times more likely to receive cash for good exam results than they were two years ago, according to a survey carried out on behalf of Leeds Beckett University.

Youngsters in London and the North West are most likely to get a financial reward, whereas those from Yorkshire and the East of England have the least chance of being offered this incentive, the study found.

The independent report questioned 1,070 A-Level, Advanced Higher and BTEC students from across the country about the run-up and aftermath of exam results day.

When it comes to rewards for making the grade, males lead the way with 51.9 per cent being offered an incentive, compared to 43.3 per cent of females. And males also come out on top for the average amount of money they are offered for an A* grade in A-Levels - £448 compared to £259 for females.

Further survey results also seem to suggest the British economy is improving. Compared to in 2015, students are nearly four times more likely to be given a laptop and more than three times more likely to receive a smartphone.

Leeds Beckett University expert in behavioural change, Dr Divine Charura, said: “From the moment we are born our behaviour is conditioned by incentives. Incentive psychology theory suggests that behaviour is motivated by a desire for reinforcement or incentives. Behaviour is motivated by an attraction to external goals, such as rewards, money or recognition.”

When it comes to getting to university, the top concern students have is budgeting, although, compared to two years ago, the number of those worried has dropped to 19.6 per cent from 33 per cent. Students in the East of England and Yorkshire are the most worried.

Making friends is on the list of things students are most looking forward to, along with studying a subject they’re passionate about and progressing career aspirations. Only nine per cent of students surveyed chose nightlife as the thing they were most looking forward to.

The survey also found that mums are still the first person most students call after they get their results. They are also the person most students ask for advice about university and which career path to choose. Dads are the least likely to be asked, beaten by teachers.