Strongmen have the flex factor at Leeds’s Headingley Carnegie Stadium

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Heavy lifting was the order of the day as strongman rivals flexed their muscles at Headingley Carnegie Stadium in Leeds.

Around 6,000 fans flocked to the famous old ground yesterday for a competition called Europe’s Strongest Man.

Strongmen from as afield as Austria and Sweden flew the flag for their countries in disciplines including dumbbell reps and stone-lifting.

Overall winner on the day was Iceland’s Thor Björnsson, who has appeared in hit TV series Game of Thrones.

A deadlift championship was also held as part of the event, with guest competitors including Brian Shaw, the world’s strongest man.

Honours there went to another Icelander, Benni Magnússon, who set a new deadlift world record of 461kg.

Event organiser Darren Sadler said: “It was a great crowd and a great day, especially as the weather stayed dry for us.”

As reported in Saturday’s YEP, the strongmen had warmed up for the competition with a visit to the new Red’s True Barbecue restaurant in Headingley.

There they were treated to Dino Ribs – beef ribs that are half-a-metre in length, weigh 1.5kg and take five hours to prepare in the restaurant’s specially-imported smokers.

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