Steve creates his very own ‘Leeds Orderaround’ map

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Drinkers in Leeds are being urged to “mind the gap” after a designer put pen to paper to map the city’s pubs and bars.

Steve Lovell has spent over a year of creating his very own “Leeds Orderaround” during his spare time.

The 39-year-old from Rothwell, Leeds, has mapped 563 different bars, pubs, restaurants and hotels across the city in a map similar to the London Underground tube guide.

Steve, who was a graphic design student at Leeds University, said: “Having always admired the design of the London Underground map and going out in Leeds, I decided to do this project to combine the two.

“It’s been over a year in development on and off in my spare time.

“It’s been deceptively long and hard work, but I’m very happy with the finished result.

“I’ve had lots of kind comments about it already and it does make me feel quite proud.

“Friends and neighbours have said that they are really impressed with it and when I had my photograph taken complete strangers came up to me and said they really wanted one.”

But Steve is no stranger to creative projects.

Over the years he has built a Tardis, restored a red telephone box and created his own Stormtrooper armour.

He has also clocked up dozens of miles walking through the city and taking virtual street tours to check that pubs have not closed or been renamed.

During his tour he has also discovered some hidden treasures in the city centre that he never knew existed.

Steve added: “Since starting the project I’ve had to remove a lot of pubs that have closed down and even been demolished and that’s always sad.

“About a quarter-of-a-mile from my house there was a pub that had been demolished before it had been printed.

“It is quite sad to see so many close and come off the map in the 12 months I have created it.

“But it is also nice to see that some new places are also opening up, but mostly in the city centre.

“When I was putting it together there were lots of places that I wouldn’t know about and places that I never even knew existed.”

He added:“I can’t say I’ve been to all of the places on the map and probably never will, but I’ve been to lots of places I didn’t know about before as a result of researching and designing this.”

Steve has also created a similar map of Wakefield and is hoping that he may print it later this year.

The maps cost £10 and for more information visit

PIC: Simon Hulme

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