Sporting events organisation in Leeds sets the pace with top digital know-how

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Stuart Graham, a digital marketing executive with Jane Tomlinson’s Run For All, writes about the digital methods and techniques used by the Leeds-based sporting events organisation to communicate with participants past, present and future.

The advances in digital technology over the past decade have been nothing short of astounding and Run For All, like all SMEs, has had to embrace the digital age with open arms.

Run For All has come a long way since 2007. Jane’s struggle with cancer, and the remarkable endurance feats she completed, made regional, national and international headlines.

What her story inspired in the people of Leeds in 2008, when 11,000 people turned out to participate in her memorial 10K, is testament to that. It also set the wheels of Run For All in motion.

Jane’s story is very much set in the context of the digital age. You only have to Google her name to see this.

Our first digital marketing campaigns, though we probably never knew it, used content marketing in this new-found digital space.

We had no shortage of case studies about remarkable people doing remarkable things.

These stories invariably ended up online or in the inboxes of people who were signing up to our events.

Today, the ‘mother ship’ when it comes to Run For All’s digital marketing is its website.

Keeping the website at the top of Google’s organic search is always a priority.

We have a strong SEO strategy with fresh content uploaded on a regular basis.

Along with a news and blog section, there are also pages dedicated to training plans dependent on level and experience.

In addition, our e-mail communications have played a huge part in the growth of the business.

Being able to communicate with our runners has been critical to our retention and cross-selling strategies.

In 2017, thousands of participants will participate in multiple events, largely due to these campaigns.

Our e-mail campaigns are not just sales-focused, though, and we offer communications to make the running experience as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

Word of mouth is crucial to the success of Run For All, so social media has become an increasingly important digital space for us.

Runners are a sociable bunch and are on social media in their tens of thousands.

We love to like, share, and retweet content about our main passion in life – running!

Creating and sharing this type of content from a business perspective serves two purposes: one, to drive traffic to our website and, two, to inspire and grow our audiences and brand.

We are lucky enough to have a very loyal community of followers on our social channels.

Facebook event pages are alive with debate and conversation about our events as well as advice and race day information.

Many enquiries now tend to come through social. Often, before I have chance to deal with an enquiry, another social user has already answered for me.

There is a real sense of community amongst our runners; the support for each other is incredible and all part of the Run For All experience.


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