Spending and snacks are office staples for Leeds workers

OVER-SPENDING: Online shopping and browsing help get bored office workers through the day.
OVER-SPENDING: Online shopping and browsing help get bored office workers through the day.
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Leeds office workers feeling stressed, run-down and over-worked admit they are frittering away money on clothes and snacks to combat boredom.

In a survey carried out across Yorkshire and the Humber by cashback shopping site TopCashback, it was revealed Leeds desk workers spend on average £84 during a working week for a mental break, which adds up to mind-boggling £4,368 a year.


The city’s top area for spending was clothes, beauty and homeware, it was revealed, with, of the people surveyed, an average of £42 a week being indulged.

Snacks are the next biggest area of spend at £22 or £1,144 over the whole year. Gyms and courses cost £8 and £12 is spent on beauty treatments.

More than half (52 per cent) spend money at work as a mental break during the day and 36 per cent say it is because of boredom according to the survey results.

Natasha Rachel Smith, Consumers Affairs Editor for TopCashback.co.uk, said: “Keeping an eye on spending at work can be difficult. Especially when office workers are stressed and rely on snacks and online shopping as a break, often without thinking about the cost.

“Over-spending should not be used to combat feelings of stress, look for other methods like taking regular breaks, going for walks or even having a chat with colleagues, which can make you feel calmer.”

Across Yorkshire, half of the people surveyed head to the shop to buy snacks as an excuse to get out of the office and 41 per cent join in on the snack run or an online shop simply because their co-workers are.

The most popular time to splash cash is between 12pm and 1pm, and 39 per cent of workers in Yorkshire and the Humber shop during the afternoon slump.