South Leeds: Woody Wheelers put feet on pedal for new initiative

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A community cycling initiative has geared up to bring family fun to south Leeds.

Woody Wheelers is a cycling group set up in Woodlesford that is aimed at getting children off the couch and onto their bikes to have fun in the spring sunshine.

The group was inspired by The Grand Depart of the Tour de France in Leeds this summer and was set up by Ian Wright, 49, of Oulton, and his family last month.

“We are trying to make it appealing to families and cyclists of all abilities. It has real health benefits for everyone especially the gadget or TV obsessed kids.

“We need to get them off their XBoxes and out and about during spring and summer.

“We are organising treasure hunts, local information trails, bike picnics, fun bike rides to local areas but also we want to build more of a community feel around this, which in turn will help the local youngsters.”

At the moment, the group is still organising an official time but is looking to hold weekly sessions on the weekends.

Member Paul Carr, 42, of Woodlesford has been out with the Woody Wheelers over the Easter Weekend.

“It is good old fashioned fun to go out on the bikes around the community as a group and it is free.”

Member Caitlin Carr, 10, of Woodlesford, added: “It is great fun to go down to the canal and see nature.”

The focus of Woody Wheelers is to involve the community and increase awareness for health through fun activities.

The founders of the group recognised the need to get children out in the fresh air after witnessing the modern day addiction to video games and television.

Woody Wheelers will explore other parts around South Leeds like Rothwell and Oulton.

Tom Wright, 12, of Oulton, said: “The group will give me a chance to challenge mum and dad for once.”

Volunteers of Woody Wheelers prioritises safety during the cycle sessions by using protective headgear, regularly checking equipment and focusing on road cycle safety proficiency.

Although the group is relatively new, it has received an enormous amount of attention in the community, with offers of help from local companies and a cycle magazine.

“Our aim is also to get kids and families from all areas to get involved and encourage community spirit,” said Ian.

The group is currently looking for volunteers to help out at the upcoming events.

To find out more information or details about upcoming events, Woody Wheelers can be contacted through Twitter on @WoodyWheelers.

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