Son took his mum hostage after row at their home in Leeds

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A SON who held a knife to his mother’s throat and kept her hostage in her own home has been jailed for 20 months.

Ryan Christie, 24, kept his mother prisoner in her flat in Armley, Leeds, shortly after being released from jail, a court heard.

Christie’s mum, Ann, allowed him to stay at her home on Whincover Gardens but he abused her kindness by getting drunk and high on mkat.

He held her hostage when she asked him to leave and barricaded her in her bedroom.

She was rescued after making 999 calls from her mobile phone and the emergency operator heard her cries for help.

Police had to force down the door to the bedroom to get to Mrs Christie.

Nicoleta Alistari, prosecuting, said Christie had been released from prison on January 15 year after being convicted of assaulting a police office.

The incident took place in the early hours of January 29 after Mrs Christie and her son had been out drinking. They went back to her home but Christie left the property for a short time before returning.

Mrs Christie thought her son appeared to be under the influence of drugs and they argued. Mrs Christie made five calls to the police, including one in which she told the operator she was being held hostage.

She then tried to barricade herself into her bedroom by pushing a bed up against the door but her son managed to get into the room.

Miss Alistari said Christie held a knife to his mother’s throat and ordered her to sit down.

Police arrived and Mrs Christie could be heard pleading with her son to give himself up. During the disturbance he said: “She always rings the police and this time everyone will know what I have done. I’m going to be famous.” Police forced down the door and used a taser gun to overpower him. He later pleaded guilty to false imprisonment.

Ian Cook, mitigating, said Christie and his mother usually had a close relationship but often argued when alcohol was involved. Mr Cook said Christie and his mother had moved to Leeds around seven years ago from Aberdeen and relied strongly upon each other for support. Jailing Christie, Recorder Michael Wheeler said: “You behaved horrendously towards your mother.”

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