Slimming star is cover girl

Chloe Tucker went from feeling fat and frumpy to stunning cover girl ... all in the space of four months.

Bright and beautiful Chloe, 21, lost an impressive three stone in just 12 weeks after joining her local Slimming World club.

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And now she's inspiring others to slimming success after appearing on the front cover of the club's magazine.

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Not long ago, the law student from Pontefract, weighed 13 and a half stone and had reached a size 18.

Now she has trimmed down to a healthy 10st 5lb and a slim size 10-12.

Chloe, who is 5ft 8 ins, said: "It's easy to eat lots and put weight on.

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"I feel great and have much more energy now. I have eaten lots over Christmas but I know now how to eat healthily and sensibly. My life has changed in just a few months.

"I'd spent my first 21 years feeling bigger than my friends, dieting and regaining weight, dressing to cover up and lacking confidence in the way I looked.

"Just four months of Food Optimising later, and I'd got the body of my dreams. I still can't quite believe it's happened."

Currently studying her third year of law at Nottingham University, Chloe plans to become a solicitor. She will attend Leeds Law School in September.

She added: "Mum and dad have always liked healthy food, and so did I. I just ate way too much of it. It wasn't unusual for me to have second or third helpings, plus lots of crisps, nuts and biscuits. I skipped breakfast, snacked and drank lots of wine. Now I have a proper breakfast.

"University taught me more bad eating habits.

"The only exercise I got was lifting a wine glass.

"Photos from my 21st birthday were a turning point. There and then I decided to join Slimming World, I knew I needed to make permanent changes to my eating habits."

She likes snacking still, but eats fruit such as bananas, grapes and pineapples.

She joined Slimming World at Pontefract, run by Karen Dunn, who sees more than 300 people each week at her popular classes, held at

Pontefract Conservative Club and in Normanton.

Karen, 45, of Pontefract said: "Chloe has done really well. She has lost three stone in just four months through sensible eating. She had tried faddy diets which didn't work and has kept the weight off for a

long time.

"I am really proud of her, she looks stunning."

For more details on Pontefract Slimming World classes contact Karen on 01977 709255 or 07736-461573 or see

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