SLIDESHOW: Homeless kittens cause a stir among Wakefield hospital staff

A litter of cute kittens found in a hedge next to a Wakefield hospital have had such an effect on staff that the majority are to be homed with the workers.

Four kittens, who are around just five-weeks-old, were located in the undergrowth in the courtyard of the Gaskell ward at Fieldhead Hospital on Wednesday evening.

Staff were able to rescue the tiny kittens but could not find the mother.

However, after Heronbank Cat Rescue were called in they were eventually able to locate her. She needed an operation on her eye and is now recovering.

A fifth and sixth kitten that had managed to evade rescue were found today.

And the tiny bundles of fluff, which at the moment are too young to re-homed, have caused quite a stir among staff at the hospital.

Laurence Summers, spokesman for the South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, said: “So far there are three kittens that are going to be re-homed by Gaskell staff, there are two kittens and mum left, but it will depend on if mum is re-homeable or if she has been living outside for too long.

“The kittens are all with a local rescue centre and mum is doing well.”

A collection for Heronbank Cat Rescue is now being held at Gaskell ward, opposite Pinderfields on Ouchthorpe Lane if anyone wishes to donate.

People can also donate to