Skunk on the loose in West Yorkshire

The skunk was found at an equestrian yard in Mirfield
The skunk was found at an equestrian yard in Mirfield
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Have you lost a skunk?

This runaway creature was spotted in an equestrian yard in Roberttown, near Mirfield.

Alex Farley posted on Facebook:

"Strange question but has anyone lost a skunk? This animal has arrived on our yard this morning and obviously are not native to this country...if anyone knows of any places around that holds these animals get in touch please."

Alex claimed she had contacted a nearby exotic animal attraction, Ponderosa, but had been told the animal was not theirs.

Skunks are native to the Americas, and are known for their distinctive odour, which is caused by their anal glands and used as a defensive mechanism against predators. They can be legally kept as pets in the UK, but since 2006 it has been against the law to remove their scent glands.

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