Six of the Best: Pancake Day events in Leeds, Yorkshire and beyond

Shrove Tuesday comes to Scarborough . Enjoying the day. pic Richard Ponter 160610d
Shrove Tuesday comes to Scarborough . Enjoying the day. pic Richard Ponter 160610d
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Shrove Tuesday on February 28 marks the traditional feast day before Ash Wednesday, which then leads into the 40 days running up to Easter. Neil Hudson finds six good reasons to mark the day


The good folk of Leeds-by-the-Sea, otherwise known as Scarborough, will be marking Pancake Day with... err... skipping.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Experience the unique celebration of Shrove Tuesday in Scarborough, when the entire town turns out to skip. Yup, skipping. With ropes, etc. While, we’re not sure precisely what this has to do with Shrove Tuesday, it certainly sounds like a lot of fun.

They say: “Young and old, skipping ropes flying, right along the seafront, which is closed to traffic for the afternoon. No one’s quite clear why it happens, but you won’t see anything like it anywhere else.”

The Swine That Dines, North Street, Leeds.'29th October 2015.

The Swine That Dines, North Street, Leeds.'29th October 2015.


The idea behind this day is to organise your own event and raise some money in the process.

They say: “Instead of a low-key pancake celebration, invite your friends and family to join you and share in the Big Pancake Party. The idea is simple; get together, eat some pancakes, take a few challenges, have a great time and raise funds for those in need. We have plenty of ideas for how you can make money at the Big Pancake Party - just choose the idea (or ideas) that work for you, and get cooking.” Money will help poverty stricken families. See




Pancakes are one of The Greedy Pig’s best sellers throughout the year and they come with every topping you can imagine but on the day itself, there will be some additional treats on offer.

The Leeds restaurant, which opened five years ago, leads something of a double life, for by day it is The Greedy Pig and by night (Thursday, Friday and Saturday), it becomes the critically acclaimed The Swine That Dines, a casual yet subtly upmarket diner. During the day, however, you can enjoy the pancakes and they are open from 7am-3pm.


Award winning Leeds restaurant Crafthouse will be living up to its name on February 28 with an indulgent menu to satisfy even the sweetest of teeth.

Wakefield Cathedral refurb work.'w313g313

Wakefield Cathedral refurb work.'w313g313

They say: “We’re going flipping wild for Pancake Day. Join us for lunch or dinner and treat yourself to some seriously indulgent crepes from our head pastry Chef, Stefan Rose. We’re going to have classic crepes suzette, as well as a particularly tasty chocolate-based creation.”

For reservations please call 0113 897 0444.


Wakefield Cathedral has launched a Giving Campaign for Pancake Day 2017 and is inviting schools, churches and local businesses to join them in trying to alleviate food poverty across the Wakefield District.

Foodbanks across the district report increasing numbers of people using their services.

So this Pancake Day, Wakefield Cathedral has decided to launch a Giving Campaign on the Cathedral steps to coincide with Pancake Day. Free pancakes from 10am-11.30am on the cathedral steps, donations welcomed from 10am-2pm.


If you want to go all out before Lent, then why take a trip to Hepworth’s Deli in Thornton’s Arcade, where you can enjoy some of the best American-style pancakes the city has to offer, complete with toppings like berries and banana, maple syrup (of course) and even bacon and eggs on the side.

It’s about as indulgent as it gets but if that’s not enough for you, they also have a full range of cakes, sweets, wines and beers. Open 10am-5.30pm Monday to Friday, 9am-6pm Saturday, 10am-4.30pm Sunday. See: