Six-foot coffin donated to Leeds charity shop

The coffin was priced at 140 (picture: Lisa McCarthy)
The coffin was priced at 140 (picture: Lisa McCarthy)
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Staff at a Leeds charity shop got a shock when a couple donated a 6ft COFFIN.

The pair brought the wooden coffin to social enterprise Revive in Kirkstall, where it has now sold for a little less than the asking price of £140.

Amused customers spotted the casket on display in the store, which has only been open for three months.

It was donated by a couple who had used it as a prop in a theatrical production several years ago, and no longer had room to store it in their garage.

Its second-hand status prompted staff to write 'used once' on the item's label.

Assistant manager Jonathan Wingfield said:

"It's just sold today - a gentleman paid not far off the marked price for it, but we didn't ask him what he wanted it for!

"It's probably the quirkiest item we've had donated so far, and it does look well-made. We had to do some research online on how to price it up - there isn't a lot of trade in second-hand coffins, so we just had to guess."

Revive rejuvenates and recycles household goods and sells them on, donating any profits to local charities.

Leeds Civic Hall.

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