Six of the Best: July 4 events

With American Independence Day just around the corner, here are six suggestions to mark the day in Leeds and Yorkshire but they're not all about waving the flag...

Friday, 1st July 2016, 8:36 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 3:32 pm

Huckleberry’s restaurant, Yeadon

You just can’t get more American than this unless you actually go to America. Thanks to Huckleberry’s, you don’t have to, because they bring it to you. The independent US-style diner is based in Yeadon (and also York and Darlington) and welcomes all-comers, whether you’re in overalls or a tailor made suit. They do fantastic burgers, a mid-week meat feast and, as of the 28th, a 2-for-1 deal on Tuesdays from 5pm. They’ve also got ‘Man v Food’ challenges with skyscraper hamburgers et al. If you complete any challenge in the time limit, you get a free T-shirt, vouchers and wall of fame entry.

Longhorns, BBQ Smokehouse, Headingley

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The vibe is ‘Texas low and slow’, with one of the biggest and best US-style breakfasts this side of the Statue of Liberty. The ‘All In’ for £12 includes pancakes and waffles, oak smoked bacon, sausage patties, black pudding, fried tatties, breakfast beans and choice of fried or poached eggs.

They say: “Everything you eat at our place from the sauces to the slaws are made fresh and prepared by yours truly. Therefore wherever you come into contact with the Longhorns stamp you’re sure to experience our highest standards.” Also with a nice selection of American beers.

Shufledog’s July 4 day beer

As if this place wasn’t laid back enough with its curved glass frontage, 22ft shuffleboard tables, pinball machines and range of burgers and hotdogs, on July 4 they will be unleashing 38 - yes, count them - American beers upon the good people of Leeds. There will be California-based Firestone Walker brewery’s Velvet Merlin, Hoppin’ Frog’s Silk Porter from Ohio, Sierra Nevada’s 11.5° Plato and Brookln’s Insulated Lager. They are billing it as the ‘American Tap Takeover’, so if you into sampling beers from far flung places, you couldn’t do worse than raise a glass to this.

Independance from America Day

If you would rather join an event which is verging on being anti-American, then the Yorkshire Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament will be staging its annual Declaration Day at Menwith Hill on Saturday July 2, from 3pm-8pm, with a ‘bikes not bombs’ theme.

As well as the reading of the Declaration of Independence from America, there will be speakers, music, singers, comedy and refreshments. Speakers confirmed include Marcus Papadopoulis of Politics First magazine, Mike McGowan (ex MEP) and John Bourton of Veterans for Peace.

Independance Day 2

Yes, they may have re-used Bill Pullman’s rousing ‘We will not go quietly into the night’ speech. Yes, it’s near as damn it the same story as the first film, albeit with bigger special effects. And yes, Jeff Goldblum is a little bit random (in a good way - anyone catch his Graham Norton appearance?). And no, Will Smith is not in it. But despite this being yet another ‘aliens-come-to-destroy-the-earth-with-vastly-superior-technology-and-yet-we-still-somehow-win’ scenario, secretly we love all that frenetic jingoistic frivolity. Don’t we? Dare you to shout ‘yeee-haaa’ at the end.

Yorkshire Rams, American Football

If you want to talk the talk and walk the walk, go and see an American football game, right here in Yorkshire.

Based in Middleton, south Leeds, the Yorkshire Rams have been proudly representing Yorkshire in kitted American Football for over 25 years.

They play in the British American Football League and run regular training days for those interested in joining. The club was founded in 1986 as the Wakefield Wasps.

For more information, see their website: