Should have stopped in A-Wakefield: Driver takes a nap on M1 in Leeds

SIGNS telling motorists to take a break if they’re tired are a familiar sight for anyone using the motorways.

Wednesday, 7th October 2015, 1:10 pm
The roads policing unit tweeted this picture

But the driver of this car apparently misunderstood the message – after stopping to take a nap on the M1 in Leeds.

West Yorkshire Police’s roads policing unit tweeted a picture of the car parked on the cross-hatchings of the northbound carriageway in the early hours of Wednesday.

The message said: “Vehicle found on the cross hatchings, driver wanted a sleep so stopped! Not insured either #seized”.

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The photograph was met with disbelief by other Twitter users.

@MissJB07 tweeted: “What?! Really good lord what a dumb thing to do.”

@Tigereel added: “First you laugh, then you think about it....what a prat, any thicker and the man would set!”