Shocking cost of Yorkshire boozing EXCLUSIVE

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Your Yorkshire Evening Post can today exclusively reveal the true toll excess boozing is taking on Leeds.

Alcohol-related harm cost Leeds a staggering 438m in one year - or 730 for EVERY adult.

Menace of alcohol is costing a city millions: Click here for full story.

A quarter of adults in Leeds now drink to levels which put their health at risk.

In one year alone, 57m was spent treating people for health problems linked to drinking.

Another 127m was spent on policing and dealing with crimes related to alcohol.

Businesses lost 117m as a result of lost productivity and absenteeism in the workplace.

But the human toll was the highest - the 135m wider costs, including the years of life lost because of premature deaths caused by alcohol.

Drink shortens the lifespan of Leeds men by an average of 11 months and by five months for women.

NHS chiefs in Leeds say action is now desperately needed to combat the excess drinking epidemic - before it spirals out of control.

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