Sheffield Wednesday supporting Michael Vaughan hit for six by Leeds United fans after “We’ll beat you at Wembley” tweet

PIC: Jonathan Gawthorpe
PIC: Jonathan Gawthorpe
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Sheffield Wednesday supporting England cricket legend Michael Vaughan has been hit for six by Leeds United fans after after he tweeted “We’ll beat you at Wembley”

Vaughan took to Twitter after Saturday’s 1-0 defeat saw the Whites strengthen their grip in the play-off race by moving up to fourth while the Owls’ challenge is stuttering in sixth spot.

Immediately after the game, the cricketer, tweeted: “We look like we are doing all we can to finish 6th so we can beat Leeds at Wembley ... #Tactics #WAWAW.”

That prompted a flurry of responses from the Whites faighful.

Ian Corke tweeted: @MichaelVaughan as a cricketer you were immense, as a comedian you are tragic. Ref was playing for you and you still lost #lufc #mot #wafll While Jonah Rolls wrote: @MichaelVaughan how many points have you got? How many you taken off leeds this season? Just gonna heave that there... User ChrisB6000 added: @MichaelVaughan well, it doesn’t seem to matter which end of the M1 we play at we seem to win #lufc And Gary Booth tweeted: @MichaelVaughan in yer dreams mate... Fulham looking good for 6th.. just saying.” Another user, Stander7 LUFC wrote: @MichaelVaughan stick to cricket fella you are literally clueless when it comes to football it’s embarrassing.”

And George Macpherson tweeted the star to say: @MichaelVaughan Beg to differ. Leeds to go to Wembley and your to to lose in the play offs.”