Share your vision for the future of Leeds

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Today the Yorkshire Evening Post is launching a major new survey to find out what sort of city you want to live in.

We are giving our readers the opportunity to tell us their vision for the city and create a snapshot of life in Leeds.

This is the chance for you to let the people who run the city know what you think about living here.

We want to find out your thoughts about traffic and transport and what changes you would enforce to make Leeds an even better place to live in.

We also want to know how clean and tidy you think your neighbourhood is and whether you feel safe on the streets.


The results from our Leeds 2014 Survey will be compiled into a dossier and handed to the agencies who run the city.

The YEP will look at the results and call for change about the big issues affecting the area on behalf of our readers.

The project was today welcomed by Tom Riordan, chief executive of Leeds city council, who said: “This survey will provide a fresh insight into what matters to the citizens of Leeds.

“It will be of great interest to the council and other organisations who are working to make Leeds the best city it can be.

“We consult on many different issues, and this YEP survey will complement and add real value to that work.”

YEP editor Jeremy Clifford said: “The people of Leeds are rightly proud of the city they live in but there is always scope for improvement.

“We want to reflect those wishes and work with the authorities that run this great city to help shape the services you want in the future.

“Now is the best time to have your say as those authorities begin to shape their budgets for the years ahead.

“We urge you to join in the survey and to have your say.”

Our Leeds 2014 Survey also aims to find out how the city is coping in the financial climate.

We want to find out whether families are struggling to make ends meet and are being forced to turn to foodbanks for support.

We also want to know your thoughts about parking charges and whether there should be more cycle lanes in Leeds.

The survey is set to run for the next two weeks.

Readers are being encouraged to submit their answers online or by posting a completed survey by Monday, March 3.

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