Sex offender living as a man and a woman arrested after Crimewatch appeal

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A wanted sex offender who has been living as a man and a woman has been arrested following an appeal on TV show Crimewatch.

Lisa Hauxwell, also known as Craig John Hauxwell, was facing a 14-year jail term after being caught in the Newark area, Nottinghamshire.

The appeal was shared on the YEP this week following the news that the offender could have been living in Leeds.

Hauxwell, from Darlington, was jailed in November for rapes and indecent assaults, but had gone on the run when the sentence was handed down.

The fugitive had carried out the offences while living as a man, but was sentenced under the name of Lisa.

Police received more than 20 calls after the Crimewatch appeal on Monday and the following day officers in Nottinghamshire arrested Hauxwell, who had been living as a man.

Detective Inspector Yvonne Dutson said: "This a fantastic result and due entirely to the calls we had following the appeal on Crimewatch.

"We understand Hauxwell had been living at the address in Newark for several months, without anyone knowing his true identity."