Secret news for Leeds from twin design team

CREATIVE: The sisters graduated only last year and have already set up their business.
CREATIVE: The sisters graduated only last year and have already set up their business.
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Creative people from across Leeds are to share their secrets about the world of copywriting, illustration and design – but only with those who can find them.

A new limited edition newspaper called Sketcheasy will hit the streets, cafés and stores of the city from October, with clues to their whereabouts being shared only on social media.

The creators are encouraging the lucky finders to enjoy, keep, share or leave the newspaper and capture their discovery on Instagram.

The paper is aimed at shedding light on how to be successful in difficult creative industries, and will include letters, confessions and experiences of those within it.

Sketcheasy was created by identical twins and graphic design duo, Buttercrumble, also known as Abigail and Chloe Baldwin.

The pair, graduated from The University of Leeds last year with Graphic & Communication Design.

Afterwards they launched their own graphic design and illustration studio in the city.

Abigail, 22, of Garforth, said: “We work freelance in Leeds and we talk to other freelance friends and creatives that are in the local industry.

“A lot of them have quite funny stories and anecdotes about being in a creative studio or, sometimes, the struggles and joys of freelancing.

“We wanted to give everyone a voice by putting this stories in this little newspaper.”

She adds: “We were getting a lot of questions from students about how to set up their own creative business.”

The pair have worked with the likes of The Royal Armouries, Leeds Dock and Leeds Libraries, Anthropologie and will be collaborating with Leeds Victoria Gate this autumn. Follow them on Instagram at @buttercrumblecreative