Search is on for Leeds’s top loomer

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It is a craze that has captured the imaginations of children and adults across the nation.

And now Leeds is on the search for the city’s number one loom band expert to become the “face” of the craze.

Gail Collumb shop manager of The Works in the Merrion Centre with young loom band makers.

Gail Collumb shop manager of The Works in the Merrion Centre with young loom band makers.

Parents and children have been stocking up on the small bands to create colourful creations.

And the fashion has spread to the celebrity world with famous faces such as David Beckham and Kate Middleton being spotted wearing their loom bracelets.

The Works, which has a store in the Merrion Centre, is launching a nationwide search for the best creations.

The lucky loomer will lead how-to-videos for the brand and give their own tips on how to craft impressive loom creations.

Gail Collumb, store manager for The Works branch in Leeds, said: “The looming craze is huge here in Leeds and we have been overwhelmed by requests.

“Demand is insane – our Kids’ Zone sales have trebled in recent months and we’re ordering millions of loom bands and sets every week.

“The Loom Challenge is really exciting and is a great way for youngsters to express their creativity.

“Judging by some of the creations adorning the arms of customers coming into our store, we’d imagine there’ll be some stiff competition.”

The winner will also front all loom related news from the chain.

Children can enter the competition to become the face of looming for The Works by uploading images of their creations to The Works’ Facebook page by visiting

The Works has launched the Loom Club on their website, where customers can find out the latest loom news, share tips and access exclusive how-to guides.

For more information about the competition visit


* The Rainbow Loom, which is a plastic device for turning small rubber bands into jewellery, has sold more than three million units worldwide.

* Children use the looms, or even their own fingers, to weave coloured bands into items such as bracelets, necklaces and charms.

* A dress which was made entirely out of loom bands attracted bids of around £170,000 on eBay.

* Malaysian-born inventor Cheong Choon Ng, who lives in America, came up with the idea when he saw his two daughters making friendship bracelets out of rubber bands.

* The inventor, who created the loom device, and his company have raked in £80 million in sales over the last three years as a result of the craze.

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