Search for historic Yorks trial bike

SOMEWHERE in deepest, darkest Yorkshire is a "machine" that holds a special place in the history of British motorcycle and sidecar trials.

It also has a very special place in the heart of its former champion rider.

Now 71-year-old Derek Round, who with his late brother Ray cut a dash on Britain's trials circuits in the 1960s and early 1970s, would desperately like to buy back and restore their beloved BSA works Victor 441cc works motorcycle combination registration "92 HOH".

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The snag is they do not know where the historic bike is resting.

It was back in 1975 that Ray sold the bike registration "92 HOH" from his motorcycle dealership in Cradley Heath, Dudley, in the Midlands.

It was bought by someone from Yorkshire, but who that was and where the bike is located is a mystery that Derek's daughter Natalie has been trying to solve for the past year.

BSA had replaced the Victor with a new 500 works unit on which the brothers never achieved as great a success as they did on the proven earlier steed.

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After competing on a BSA Gold Star in the 1960s, the brothers' heyday had come in the early 1970s on "92 HOH" with Ray riding up front and Derek counterbalancing in the sidecar.

In two successive years,1971-72 and 1972-73, they twice won the British Experts competition and also scooped the British Sidecar Trials Championships in the same two years.

Derek retired from competitive motorcycle sidecar trials in 1976 to concentrate on coaching his son Andrew who was a talented swimmer and to support his daughter Natalie who was a competition dancer.

But despite being the elder of the two, Ray continued to race for a few years before he also retired from the sport. Ray sadly died two and a half years ago aged 75.

Natalie has made extensive inquiries in the hunt for "92 HOH" and hopes aYorkshire Evening Post reader has the crucial information about where she lies today.

Through the DVLA, Natalie has confirmed that the bike is still registered on its original number plate.

She has made numerous appeals through motorcycling magazines but still the whereabouts of "92 HOH" eludes Natalie and her dad.

The latest report of the motorcycle combination was from former trials rider Peter Roydhouse – who died about two years ago – who had reported it was located "deep in Yorkshire" but was in a very poor state of repair, said Derek.

"It was quite a historic bike in trials history," said the former carpenter.

The BSA Victor 441cc engine was a very successful unit in the scrambling world and Yorkshire scrambling icon Arthur Lampkin proved its worth in numerous races as did the Rounds brothers in its detuned version in sidecar trials.

"It does not matter what condition it is found in as I would want to restore it completely. I would love to get it back.

"It was a big part of our lives," he added.

Anyone who has information about the whereabouts of "92 HOH" is urged to contact Natalie James on 01384 567223 or email her at

by bruce smith

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