Sculptor’s focus on technology at Leeds’s Henry Moore Institute

OPENING DAY: Alice Miller viewing the 'Calf Bearer'.
OPENING DAY: Alice Miller viewing the 'Calf Bearer'.
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a new sculpture exhibition launching at Leeds’s Henry Moore Institute today focuses on notions of technology and celebrity – and how both influence the society that creates them.

Berlin-based Aleksandra Domanović’s new commission brings together five years of work. Her pieces consistently explore technology, often looking to the former Yugoslavia, her country of birth, for inspiration.

Among the pieces exhibiting until June are her film ‘Turbo Sculpture’, where she examines the recent phenomenon of public sculptures in the former Yugoslavia which are dedicated to foreign celebrities like Bruce Lee, Bob Marley and Tupac Shakur.

She has also recently been creating 3-D printed sculptures based on the ‘Belgrade Hand’ – a post-war innovation in robotics.

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