Scoop! I’ve made an ice cream cone out of a Yorkshire pudding

Ice-cream chef Giapo's Yorkshire Pudding cone
Ice-cream chef Giapo's Yorkshire Pudding cone
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A PUDDING chef in New Zealand has created the first ice cream cone to be made out of a Yorkshire pudding.

The Yorkshire Day creation by chef Giapo, who previously fashioned a cone out of Caitlyn Jenner’s Vogue magazine cover, says his latest creation is a “mash-up” of the traditional Sicilian ‘Brioche con gelato’, which is a brioche bun stuffed with a smear of ice cream, and the good old Yorkshire pud.

Ice-cream chef Giapo's Yorkshire Pudding cone

Ice-cream chef Giapo's Yorkshire Pudding cone

Giapo said the hollowed-out batter of the Yorkshire pudding is an ideal shape to contain ice cream.

He came up with the idea after being introduced to our national dish by the Yorkshire-born mother of his friend, British Chef Sean Connolly.

He said: “The pastry is hollow, has a neutral and not too sweet flavour and the chewy inside combines with the crisp outside and the creaminess of the ice-cream for taste explosion.”

The Yorkshire Pudding cone comes in eight different flavours:

• Creme anglaise and rhubarb

• Chocolate evolution

• Coromandel Mandarin satsuma cultivar

• Zoe’s Pinenuts from Marlborough

• Christchurch Hazelnut

• Afghan Cookies

• Siamu Popo (Samoan Caramel)

• Hokey Pokey (a traditional kiwi flavour made from chocolate and honeycomb)

A Yorkshire pudding resembles a choux pastry in taste, however it’s cooked differently. While tradition dictates its inclusion in a roast meal, it used to be served by families less well-off as a cheap and filling dessert with custard and jam.

Giapo lived in London for several years and says a roast dinner was one of his favourite British dishes.

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