School expansion road safety boost

Coun Josie Jarosz
Coun Josie Jarosz
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COUNCILLORS have welcomed plans for the expansion of a West Leeds school and have pledged to continue campaigning to improve road safety in the area.

Leeds city Council’s executive board last week rubber-stamped proposals to increase capacity at Park Spring Primary School in Swinnow from 315 to 420 pupils.

Councillors Josie Jarosz, Richard Lewis and Mick Coulson (Labour/Pudsey) had raised concerns about the amount of traffic on the narrow streets on the Wellstone Estate, including parents picking up and dropping off children at Park Spring Primary School.

The trio argued that the school expansion offered a chance to create a new school entrance on Swinnow Lane in a bid to ease traffic congestion in the area.

Proposals for the new entrance are now part of redevelopment plans at the school.

Coun Jarosz said: “As a child friendly city it is only right that we have the school places we need. The expansion of Park Spring Primary School from 315 to 420 pupils makes sense, but the way that people get to the school has to be part of the plans.

“We have been aware of the issue of school traffic in the Wellstone Estate for a number of years and have been seeking a solution that works for everyone. It’s therefore great that the new entrance, parking and a drop off area are included in the developing plans, as we are hopeful that it will make life a lot easier for local residents. We will continue to push for this measure to ensure that the expansion works for the school, for the pupils and for the people who live in the nearby streets.”

Park Spring Primary School has already taken temporary additional cohorts of children in 2014, and agreed to do the same in 2015 and 2016. After a decade of rising birth rates , Leeds could see the numbers starting primary school reach a peak of more than 10,000 next September.