Schizophrenic son stabbed father over 120 times

A PARANOID schizophrenic who brutally knifed to death his 57-year-old father has been made the subject of an indefinite hospital order after he admitted manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

Kenneth Light had been asleep with his wife Leila at their home in Cranmer Road, Moortown, Leeds, when their mentally-ill son Maxwell came into their bedroom in the early hours.

The couple both told the 33-year-old to go back to his room, but when Mrs Light opened her eyes she saw her son stab her husband in the stomach as he sat up in bed.

Mrs Light ran downstairs to call for an ambulance, but when the emergency services got into the house they found Mr Light’s body with a knife in his chest. Prosecutor Patrick Palmer said a post mortem showed the deceased had suffered in excess of 120 knife wounds, including 70 to his chest and 20 to his neck area.

Although Light was prescribed medication for his mental illness Bradford Crown Court heard yesterday that his parents were concerned about his deteriorating behaviour.

After the stabbing Light was seen outside the house armed with another large kitchen knife. Mr Palmer said a number of police vehicles and CS gas were used to eventually detain him.

Judge Stewart also commended the police officers for handling a very difficult situation with sensitivity and understanding.