Saudi plane forced to dump fuel over the Peak District after suffering 'flap issue'

Flight above the Peak District - image: Twitter @airlivenet
Flight above the Peak District - image: Twitter @airlivenet
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A Saudi flight was forced to circle over the Peak District for three hours after suffering a problem with its flaps.

Flight SV123 set off from Jeddah at 4.11am and was due to land and Manchester Airport at 8.30am.

However, the flight was forced to start circling at 5,000ft above Greater Manchester at around 7am after experiencing a 'technical issue'.

The flight reported that its flaps were stuck in the mid range and began to travel towards the Peak District.

The plane then made it's way to the south east of Manchester in the Peak District and was circling at around 7,000ft.

The flight had been circling the area to dump fuel as it looked to solve the problem with its flaps.

It is believed that the aircraft needed to have a long, dry runway before it could attempt to land.

The flight made it as far as Nottingham and had been circling the air for around 4 hours before the Dreamliner landed safely at around 12.30pm.

A spokesman for Saudia told the Manchester Evening News that there was a “technical issue” with the aircraft but did not provide further information.