Safety scheme at Leeds playgrounds

Morley Town Hall.
Morley Town Hall.
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Councillors are considering stepping up safety at playgrounds in a Leeds town in an effort to curb anti-social behaviour.

The new safety proposals include CCTV being introduced at the Hesketh Lane and Millbeck Approach playgrounds in the town.

It comes after both playgrounds have been the subject of anti-social behaviour, litter and vandalism.

The proposals are being drawn up by Morley Borough Independent (MBI) councillors.

Coun Judith Elliott (MBI, Morley South) said: “We are keen to make sure that anti-social behaviour at both playgrounds is combated and vandalism and litter reduced.

“Both playgrounds are for the benefit of all residents.

“Poor behaviour, litter and vandalism reduces residents’s enjoyment of the playgrounds and we are taking action to deal with all of these problems.”

Officers from Morley Neighbourhood Policing team have also agreed to increase patrols in the area, following requests from residents and local councillors.

A similar CCTV safety scheme was previously implemented at Churwell Park after yobs targeted the area.

Coun Elliott said that scheme was successful at curbing anti-social behaviour in the area after the CCTV cameras were installed at the village park.

She added: “We have visited both playgrounds with a CCTV contractor to explore the options for two CCTV schemes.

“We have had CCTV fitted in Churwell Park which has significantly reduced anti-social behaviour and vandalism in the park.

“We believe a similar scheme to that at both playgrounds will achieve similar results.”