Safety fears over pothole Leeds road

Residents on Copgrove Road in Roundhay are fed up of their potholed road. 'Picture : Jonathan Gawthorpe
Residents on Copgrove Road in Roundhay are fed up of their potholed road. 'Picture : Jonathan Gawthorpe
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Residents have hit out at the scale of potholes on a well-used road in Leeds and say they fear an accident is waiting to happen.

Neighbours on Copgrove Road, off Roundhay Road, have united in a call for action to improve what they say is the “worst road in Leeds” for potholes.

Resident Baldir Singh said: “I’ve never seen a road like this in Leeds. It’s a shambles. It has potholes and tarmac coming off for the entire length. The general comment from anyone - friends and relatives - when they drive down here is ‘this road is terrible’.

“My worry is someone is going to go into a big pothole and then hit a kerb, or swerve to avoid the pothole, and hit a pedestrian.

There are about 120 houses on this road. It can get quite busy on a morning, with people using it as a short cut at school run time. My main concern is health and safety. I don’t want any kids to be hit or anyone to damage their cars.”

Neighbour Latif Kotia, 65, said he has lived on the road since 1971 and it is now the worst he has ever seen.

“I’ve never seen it like this before. There are some really bad ones. It’s dangerous for the cars. It’s a busy road too.”

A Leeds City Council spokeswoman said: “We are aware that Copgrove Road is not in a good condition and have carried out repeated visits over the last few years to fill in the potholes.

“We will be carrying out extensive resurfacing works to properly restore the road to a good condition in the next financial year as part of our programme of planned highway maintenance work. However, until that time we will continue to monitor its condition and fill in any potholes reported to us.”

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