RSPCA fear motorway kitten was hurled from moving car

A kitten found near a motorway slip road is believed to have been thrown from a car, the RSPCA said today.

The four-month-old kitten, named Rudolf by RSPCA staff because of the red marks he got from the incident, was found in some grass near the slip road of Junction 10 of the M1 at Luton.

A spokeswoman said he was taken to a vet for a check-up and was fit and healthy, but with a scuff mark to the side of his face.

He is now being looked after at the RSPCA Blackberry Farm Animal Centre in Aylesbury, Bucks.

RSPCA inspector Melanie Fisher said: "Rudolf was found near to the busy junction, where there are not any residential properties, so the only way we think he could have got there is by someone dumping him.

"And because his face was so scuffed, we have reached the conclusion that there is a chance that he could have been just thrown from a moving car, which is just an awful thing to do.

"Thankfully he was found, and we have taken him to the RSPCA centre, where he is now being cared for.

"He is lovely and sweet and really friendly, although he has certainly been through a lot, and despite his ordeal he seems full of spirit.

"We called him Rudolf, because his nose and face was so red from the

scuff marks, however he is now doing fine and his injuries have started to scab over."

She urged anyone who recognised Rudolf, or had any information about him, to contact the RSPCA.

Stephen Blake of the CMA  Photo: Vikki Ellis

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