RSPCA angry as ‘terrified’ dog tied up and abandoned in Leeds

'Terrified' dog left tied to railings on New Years ''Eve
'Terrified' dog left tied to railings on New Years ''Eve
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Inspectors from the RSPCA say it is “baffling” that a dog was tied to a fence and abandoned in freezing temperatures over new year.

The young mastiff-type dog was discovered by a member of the public tethered to railings in Park View, Bramley, on New Year’s Day.

The animal is thought to have been left there overnight before he was found “shivering and terrified”, the charity said.

A plastic bag full of dog food had been left next to him.

RSPCA inspector Carol Neale said: “This was an awful situation. The poor boy was so terrified that he was wetting himself and shaking.

“It took a long time to be able to get the muzzle off him as he was so scared.

“We suspect he must have been left there overnight, which is just unthinkable as there would have been fireworks going off and he would have been unable to move or escape from the noise. It makes me so angry to think someone could have just left him there like that.”

The person who discovered the dog, called Jack, covered him with a blanket until the RSPCA arrived.

Inspectors found he was microchipped, but further investigation showed the registered owner had given him up for adoption several years ago.

The RSPCA said he should make a full recovery and would be available for rehoming in the future.

Ms Neale added: “Other than being totally terrified Jack is actually in pretty good condition. It’s baffling to think what has happened to him, or how anyone thought it would be a good idea to leave him tied up like that in the freezing cold on New Year’s Eve.”

The incident comes as the Dogs Trust in Leeds has taken in a number of animals that have been abandoned.

Emma Cooper, assistant manager of the centre on York Road in Barwick in Elmet, said one lurcher puppy had been found tied to a fence.

She said: “We are always full, but at this time of year we do tend to see a few more coming in as people who have been given a puppy as a Christmas present start to realise the work that’s involved.

“Our motto is ‘A dog is for life, not just for Christmas’ and giving a dog as a present is not something we encourage as it’s an impulse buy, but unfortunately people never listen and we are here to mop up.”

The Dogs Trust is looking for volunteers to take dogs on a foster-care basis until they are rehomed.

For more information, or to enquire about taking a dog permanently, call 0113 2814920.

Anyone with information about the dog found abandoned in Bramley should contact the RSPCA, in confidence, on 0300 123 8018.