Rothwell shopkeepers fear for safety on busy street

Rothwell High Street.
Rothwell High Street.
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Shopkeepers are worried about the dangers of speeding motorists on a designated pedestrianised main street in Rothwell.

The business owners fear that an accident will happen if motorists continue to ignore the restrictions on Commercial Street.

Only buses and commercial vehicles can enter the pedestrianised street between 10am to 4pm but shopkeepers say many motorists ignore the traffic signs and speed through the street, putting customers trying to shop at risk.

The main street is often busy with shoppers visiting the local supermarket, as well as several convenience stores.

Elaine Taylor, 58, of Rothwell, has owned her shop, Glamorous Gifts, on Commercial Street for four years.

She said: “I am surprised that there has been no accidents.

“If we have kids in our shop, we have to warn parents about the road in case they run out onto the street.”

In a previous incident on the street, an ambulance had stopped for an emergency but a vehicle trying to get past was constantly tooting.

Jude Dawson, 59, the Purple Vet, witnessed the incident.

He said: “The vehicle was tooting at the ambulance even though it was obvious the ambulance was attending an emergency. It caused quite a disruption in the street.”

Jude added that there is a false sense of security on Commercial Street.

He said: “Sometimes there are kids playing in the area and you get cars going to the floor on the street. It would add two minutes more to the journey for the driver to slow down.”

Adrian Hartley, 42, owner of Brew Tea Rooms said he had customers with visual and hearing impairments, who he was worried were particularly at risk.

He said: “There is constant issues with the road.

“The area is supposed to be pedestrianised and a few of my customers have come close to getting hurt.

“It should be either fully pedestrianised or it needs to be opened up to traffic so that people can tell it is a road.”

The Rothwell Neighbourhood Policing Team has been investigating the issues.

PC Darren Edgar of the Rothwell Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “Speeding on Commercial Street has been agreed as a local priority for the police and the community and our officers have been carrying out regular patrols in the area.”

He added: “We would like to remind motorists that this is a partly pedestrianised area and we will continue to take action against anyone seen 
committing road traffic offences.”

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