Rootin’ tootin’ Wild West scenes in the centre of Leeds

High Noon Shoot Out at the Royal Armouries, Leeds. Pictures: James Hardisty
High Noon Shoot Out at the Royal Armouries, Leeds. Pictures: James Hardisty
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Western gunslingers faced off in a high noon gunfight at the Royal Armouries in Leeds yesterday.

The sharpshooters pitted themselves against each other in a duel more often witnessed in the saloon bars of the Wild West, rather than a museum in Leeds city centre, as bank robbing outlaws settled old scores or took on the sheriff and other law enforcers.



Visitors grabbed their Stetsons and moseyed on down to the museum and watched in awe as shooting broke out over the Bank Holiday holiday weekend as the museum played host to some “rootin’ tootin’ sharpshooting fun” according to organisers.

Gunfights took place at noon each day, with wanted posters on display, urging families and museum visitors to be on the look out for felons.

One sought information on the “Big D” and offered a $2,000 reward to find the outlaw whose crimes included gambling, while another sought Kit Ducklan, who was wanted in connection with an army payroll robbery.

In addition, to the gunfight there were also talks, tours and demonstrations with a Wild West theme throughout the weekend.

Bank and train robbers the Dalton Gang, and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, were all famous for their daring robberies and the museum also used the event to tell the story of some of the major incidents of the era.

Presentations featured information about subjects including the battle of Little Bighorn, the assassination of American outlaw Jessie James and The Alamo - the 1836 battle later featured in a John Wayne film.