Road hogs are clogging up motorway’s middle lane

PIC: James Hardisty
PIC: James Hardisty
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middle-lane hoggers are being blamed for extended motorway journey times

New research by price comparison site reveals that motorists are complaining about more congestion and longer journey times.

Amanda Stretton, motoring editor at, said: “It’s unsurprising that many drivers are blaming middle-lane hogging as one of the main causes of extended motorway journey times. Our research showed that one in three drivers admit to being a middle-lane hogger, so there’s a fair few offenders out there.

“Worryingly, almost two in five of UK drivers are unaware that middle-lane hogging is a punishable offence and drivers can lose three points off their licence. “This was made clear when I went out on the road to see how the offence is policed. It was astounding to see just how many hoggers there really are, clogging up the motorway when the left-hand lane was entirely clear. Middle lanes aren’t for coasting in and drivers who do this can cause congestion and make other perform dangerous manoeuvres to get around them. Not only could you find yourself with a £100 fine or points, but you could also put your own life and others at risk.”