Reward offered after heartless theft of Segways

6 May 2014.......      Glenn Bevons who runs Seggy Segway at Thorner. TJ100352a Picture by Tony Johnson
6 May 2014....... Glenn Bevons who runs Seggy Segway at Thorner. TJ100352a Picture by Tony Johnson
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THE owner of an innovative Leeds business has offered a £200 reward in a bid to trace two Segways worth a total of £7,000 stolen from the garage at his home in Leeds.

Glenn Bevons of Thorner-based Seggy Segway, said burglars broke into his garage in Kirkfield Avenue, at about 10.30pm on Tuesday, October 7.

A neighbour’s CCTV system captured images of two men at the scene, but the images were not clear enough for police to be able to identify the thieves.

Mr Bevons, 43, is offering a £200 reward for information leading to the return of the two Segways after police told him they had exhausted all current lines of enquiry.

Mr Bevons, who was watching TV at home when he thefts happened, has distributed flyers in pubs and sports centres near his home.

He said: “They got through two locked gates, broke into the garage and then cut through two chains which were holding the Segways to the bolt in the ground.

“It must have taken them about 30 minutes to get through the chains.

“And they are very heavy so I don’t know how they managed to get them away without us or anyone else noticing.”

He added: “I don’t know what the thieves will do with the Segways as they are useless. They need special keys to activate them and cannot be re-programmed.

Mr Bevons had run Seggy Segway from Carr Farm in the village since April, catering for people wanting to experience the two-wheeled vehicles which have a maximum speed of 12.5mph.

But he said he was selling off the machines because he had closed the business in August for personal reasons.

Also stolen in the raid was a B1 Hornet Plus black mountain bike, with suspension, worth about £1,500.

Sgt Simon Carbutt, of the Outer North East Neighbourhood Policing Team, said inquiries were ongoing.

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