Review: Town Street Tavern, Horsforth, Leeds

TAVERN TRIP: Town Street Tavern in Horsforth.
TAVERN TRIP: Town Street Tavern in Horsforth.

It’s always good to get a smile from the staff when you walk into a place but sadly our entry into Town Street Tavern on Sunday last was greeted with a bit of a dour look.

This prompted me to ask if they were serving food, which in turn elicited a curt ‘yeah’ (still no smile and no other assistance offered, such as ‘here’s a menu’ or ‘please order at the bar when you’re ready’.

It was all a bit off-putting if I’m honest. Still, I can deal with functional people as well as most.

The place is nice enough with a pleasant air and a kind of sparse pub games room feel to it - there are even boxes of drafts on the side and I did actually take one of these and had a game with my son while we decided what to order.

There’s a decent bar snacks menu, offering things like lamb samosa (£3.95), cheese and beer croquettes (3.75) and cold pork pie and pickle (£3.50) and the main menu has a relatively interesting menu (Moroccan spiced houmous (£3.95) from the ‘While You Wait’ section, some decent meat platters on the sharing boards and some interesting sounding mains, like Barnsley Chop (£13.95), which I was sorely tempted by and in retrospect wish I’d gone for instead of the stuffed (with sun-dried tomato and mozzarella) lamb burger (£11.95), which also came topped with red onions and a huge mushroom and was overdone and, consequently, too dry.

It came with home made chips but these were sadly underdone and, in addition, too greasy for my liking, so all in all, my main was a bit of a let down.

My partner ordered the pie of the day, which was beef and vegetable but it too was way dry, the meat cut into chunks which looked as though they had been in the deep freeze at some point, so desiccated were they.

However, I’m jumping the gun a little, because we ordered mixed olives (£2.95) and houmous to start - both of which were fine. The children’s ‘kids chicken (£5.25 each) also passed muster.

At the bar you will find the likes of Leeds Pake, O’Kells, Ilkley Brewery’s Long Weekend and Timothy Taylor’s Knowle Spring. Alas, I was driving, so it was tea for me, coffee for the missus.

Town Street Tavern sits on the busy, ever popular, ever changing Horsforth Town Street and as such it has some stiff competition near and thereabouts. I get the impression (from the banter at the bar during our meal) there are some dedicated locals who frequent this place and I dare say it holds it own in terms of passing trade. However, while it certainly has its good points, I have to mark it down for the welcome we received, the service overall (again, a smile goes a long way), and the food, which was seriously lacking.


Town Street Tavern, Horsforth

Rating: 2/5