Review of Morrisons Yorkshire Pudding Pizza

Yorkshire pudding pizza.
Yorkshire pudding pizza.
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How do you feel about this unusual food combination?

Yorkshire is known for its tea, friendly people and of course the Yorkshire pudding. No roast dinner would be complete without one (unless you ask a southerner), they taste great filled with sausages and gravy but how do you feel about a cheesey interpretation on a classic?

Morrisons has done the unthinkable and combined the humble Yorkshire pudding with pizza toppings. A medium sized pud is filled with tomato sauce, heapings of mozzarella and a sprinkling of pepperoni?

But does this food Frankenstein creation work? And is it worth the £3 price tag?

The answer to this is purely down to personal taste, do you like your Yorkshire puddings crispy or a little soggy? Because unfortunately the tomato sauce means that the traditional crispness is lost. But this is not an entirely bad think as the base of the pudding blends well with the pizza toppings.

But over all the Yorkshire pudding pizza does work, there is no way to mess up pizza after all.

However, the price tag does seem a little steep when the average price of a giant Yorkshire pudding is only 40p from Morrisons, combined with the price of cheese, tomato puree and optional pepperoni it would be far more cost effective to make a homemade version.

But it can’t be denied that this novelty pizza is fun and with half term coming up fast it’s bound to be a pleaser with kids.

Friday 9 February was national pizza day, so many of us will be calling our local takeaways over the weekend. But why not try something a little different, with a Yorkshire spin?