Revealed: The time wasted by Yorkshire folk working from home

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A new survey has revealed that Yorkshire folk working from home skive off for nearly five hours each week on average.

They confess they are regularly distracted by food, FIFA and Facebook, while working remotely.

This adds up to workers from God’s own county wasting, on average, 49 MINUTES A DAY when working from home.

Three in 5 browse the internet when they’re meant to be working, a third check their social media and just over a third watch TV.

Just under three quarters make themselves a drink and food when they’re meant to be working.

The survey, carried out by, revealed that four in ten people admit to completing less work at home than what they’d usually accomplish in an office.

Roger Turner, managing director from, said, “Working at home gives people much more flexibility with hours, considering issues with childcare. But employees have to give something back for being allowed to work at home!

“If you really think your employees are not working unless you are over their shoulder, you may need to have a good look at their output or consider more time spent in the office. It can be difficult for an individual to motivate themselves when working in a relaxed environment, and interaction with other people can be a driving factor behind their motivation and promotes an increase in productivity.”

A quarter of those surveyed said they liked working from home due to the flexibility of working whenever they liked, while 20% had childcare issues, which prevented them working regular hours.

Two thirds of people chose to work at home to save on commuting time and travel costs while others had sneaky plans to catch up on soaps they missed or even do a spot of knitting.