Revealed: The age Leeds residents are officially ‘over the hill’

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Residents of Leeds are not officially “over the hill” until the ripe old age of 83, a new poll has revealed

Researchers polled over 50s in the city and discovered that most pensioners in their 60s and 70s are living life to the full – and it is not until our early 80s that we see ourselves as old.

In fact, one in twenty of those who took part in the study said they still feel like a teenager - and three quarters still consider themselves as young. Overall, the Leeds residents surveyed, who ranged in age from 50 to their late 80s, said they “feel” an average of 47, despite their advancing years.

More than nine in ten of the city’s 60- and 70-year-olds consider themselves as young, fit and able and not remotely ‘past it’.

The study showed 68 percent said they still feel young because they have a positive outlook on life, while 57 percent said as long as you could still drive you were considered youthful.

More than one in six of the over 50s polled said they still feel youthful because they regularly attract attention from the opposite sex, with a similar number confessing to still having a great sex life.

Not surprisingly then, nearly eight in ten said they were living life to the full or trying their best to, according to the poll by FiftyLife, the low cost over 50s life insurance brand.

Four fifths of over 50s in Leeds claim to be in good health – with 71 percent saying they were in fairly good shape and more than 8 percent of residents going as far as to say they’re as fit as a fiddle.

So much so, that more than one in eight insist on wearing a fitness tracker to ensure they get enough exercise each day.

The poll showed 46 percent had no intentions of slowing things down and one in five said they wanted to grow old disgracefully.

And over 50s in Leeds are an online generation. Well over a third of those questioned (39 percent) describe themselves as a ‘whizz’ at using the internet – and just 3 percent admit to struggling a bit.

Over a third (36 percent) have Facebook and one in 10 often use WhatsApp to communicate with family and friends.

More than one in 12 city residents aged 50 or over have also dabbled with internet dating.

Matthew Gledhill, Managing Director of FiftyLife, the low cost over 50s life insurance provider, said: “It’s encouraging that so many people in Leeds who are either approaching or in retirement still feel so young.

“Living life to the full and having a positive outlook on life is the key to being happy in old age and it will be pleasing for so many of Leeds’s over 50s that they aren’t considered officially old until they are approaching their mid-eighties.

“The research highlighted how technologically savvy many pensioners are, and staying in touch with family and friends on social media was a common trait of those in their 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s.

“We’ve designed FiftyLife to suit the way today’s over 50s live their lives, making it easy and quick for them to make plans to help their family with costs after their death.

“Our customers can arrange cover in just a few minutes from their mobile or with a short phone call to our UK call centre.”