Revealed: Ten things that count the most in life for Leeds residents

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A strong Wi-Fi connection, your kids doing well at school and getting a kiss when you aren’t expecting it, are among the top 10 things that really count in life for people from Leeds.

Having a creative outlet and getting enough sleep also appeared in the top 10, beating wanting to feel secure at work.

And getting some peace and quiet came fifth on the list, according to new research by M&S Bank*.

Paula Bellamy, branch manager of M&S Bank, Leeds said: “The findings reveal that it’s some of the little things in life, like being close to your family that count the most for people from Leeds.

“Over 60 per cent of people from Leeds said that the most important thing in their lives is having a healthy family, with being financially comfortable coming second; but it also seems that people from Leeds value having a pet.”

Sixty-five per cent also said that memories are the most important thing to them. However, they said they didn’t realise what is truly important in life until they were 19 years old, twelve years younger than the national average of 31, and 12 per cent of people from Leeds say they still haven’t decided.

Eight in 10 say it is important to maintain a positive outlook on life, and are more likely to befriend someone with an optimistic view on the world.

Paula added: “One of the main ways to learn what is really important in life is to set easily achievable goals; which is why we have launched the M&S Bank “Make it Count” campaign for 2017.

“In addition to looking at what people from Leeds value most in life, the research also looked at what people most want to achieve to make 2017 count, with losing weight, saving more money and buying a house.

“Small changes add up to make a big difference, and can help to make 2017 really count, whether that’s saving a little each month** for a rainy day, or helping to make that weekend away or family holiday a reality.”

The 10 Things That Really Count in Life for people from Leeds:

1. Healthy family

2. Being financially comfortable

3. Being close to family

4. Having a laugh

5. Peace and quiet, Getting enough sleep, having a pet & getting a kiss when you are not expecting one

6. Reliable car

7. A well-made cup of tea

8. A stress-free job & Having a creative outlet

9. Feeling secure at work, Hugs & Kids doing well in school

10. Leeds United doing well in the league and a strong Wi-Fi connection